Wednesday, September 21, 2016


We are closing in on the end of September (great snakes!) and I am beginning what will be two solid months of art-making. Like some sort of crazed art maniac, I put my 2016 calendar together with two large shows back to back at the end of the year. I am actually super excited for the shows - it just means a whole lot of hard work between now and then. 

Because of these commitments, I won't be able to finish my Nerd Love ladies project until early 2017. I am having a lot of fun with these pieces though, so it's definitely something I will return to. 

I was really lucky to get to mull over ideas for these upcoming shows while on some really cool trips in August and September. First I went to a great family reunion in Ocean Beach, NJ where I put my feet in the ocean, read comic books, caught a bunch of water-type Pokemon, and visited with relatives I hadn't seen in way too long. This was followed up by our annual family trip to a beautiful lake in Canada where I did a lot of drawing, listened to the Stranger Things Soundtrack, and accidentally made my sister cry while we were playing cards.

I came back from that trip, was home for a day (just long enough to really toy with my dog's emotions), and then flew to Portland to visit with friends and attend Rose City Comic Con. This meant I got to put my feet in ANOTHER ocean, chill with awesome peeps, and attend panels by some of my favorite comic creators (Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Christian Ward, and Mike Mignola to name a few). I did a lot of drawing while there as well, and being around so many cool creative people was definitely good for my art spirit. 

(I wasn't kidding, the rest of the year is jam-packed)

--> The Lincoln Arts Festival (THIS WEEKEND)
Saturday, September 24 - 10am to 6pm
Sunday, September 25 -  10am to 5pm
I'm hauling the tent out of storage and once again selling art at the Lincoln Arts Festival. The forecast currently says rain, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will change. I will have lots of new jewelry, along with new art, prints, and greeting cards. And for those that aren't in Lincoln, all of the new stuff will be added to my Etsy shop as soon as the festival is over. 


--> TBA Group show - NYC
--> TBA Group show - LA

--> TBA Group Show - LA
--> TBA Group Show - LA

---> Group show - Gallery 9 - Lincoln NE  - with Judith Andre (glass) and Su Harvey (textiles)
In July I played Uncharted 4 and then watched Stranger Things, so there will definitely be themes of "kids/adventure/adventuring kids" in my new work for this show. 
November 2-27, 2016

--> Nebraska Artists - Carry The Future
A pop-up art sale supporting Carry The Future, a non-profit organization that helps refugee women and children
Country Club of Lincoln (NE)
November 17 - 5-8pm

--> Arcadia (solo show) - Lux Center for the Arts - Lincoln NE
The theme of this show is "Arcadia (Utopia)" a location from Greek Mythology which was the home of Pan and a place of  unspoiled wilderness, so expect to see lots of strange animals and wild-folk.
Dates TBA

--> Lincoln Holiday Craftacular
Embassy Suites - Lincoln, NE
December 8 - 4-9pm

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Recap + New Nerd Ladies

June/July Favorite Things: BBC Poldark, Man from UNCLE (it has really grown on me after multiple viewings), Ash vs Evil Dead, Grimspace book series by Ann Aguirre, Uncharted 4, Netflix's Stranger Things.

You guys, I have a bunch more Nerd Love Ladies collages done and available in my Etsy shop! I'm more than half way done with this project and am really happy that I decided to do it. While it hasn't sold as well as I had hoped (an ever-present scenario when you are an artist), it has been really good practice and helped me learn new techniques and ways to make my art. Plus, awesome ladies. I have 12 more pieces to make (to finish out the set) and am hoping to get those done by the end of August. 

I am also making a bunch of older pop-culture pieces available that were recently returned after hanging out at galleries the past couple years. You can check these puppies out in my Etsy shop as well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nerd Love Ladies (Round 1)

For a while now I have been wanting to do fan art of some of my favorite nerdy lady characters. Since I really like structured sets, especially alphabet sets for some reason, I decided to make this into a project featuring one favorite female character (comics, video games, movies, TV, etc) for each letter of the alphabet. I'm calling the project Nerd Love Ladies, after a similar project that I set for myself back in 2010. A new nerdy collage every week had been the initial goal, but needless to say that didn't really pan out. I have also started making a list of Nerd Love Gents, so that might be something to look for in the future. 

I will be selling these original pieces on my Etsy site as I complete them. The first batch - featuring Garnet (Steven Universe), Lying Cat (Saga), Midna (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess), Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time), and Uhura (Star Trek) - will go on sale on Wednesday, June 22 at 11:00 a.m. CST. 

Before I start a collage I do a little digital color mock-up so I can plan what paper I will need before I start cutting. So here you can see a little rough-draft of all the pieces I have planned for the series (the next set is in the works so I should have them up in the shop in a couple weeks).