Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Unusual Creatures

Two weeks from now my show with painter Susan Oltman will be opening at Gallery 9 in Lincoln, NE. So, you could say I'm a bit frazzled and as usual, will be working like crazy right up to the show opening. Here is more info:

The show runs April 29 - May 31, 2015 and the opening reception is Friday, May 1 from 6:30 to 9:30pm at Gallery 9 (124 S. 9th Street, Lincoln NE). Here are a few progress shots:

I foolishly agreed to make new pieces for TWO group shows also opening in May ("I'll get them done early" she said optimistically), so I'm working on those pieces as well. 0_0 More information coming soon.

I am looking forward to binging on Daredevil when this is all over, since it's too gripping to watch while I am working. Instead I have been watching a bunch of commentary-free video game playthroughs, which has worked surprisingly well. So far I've watched Silent Hill: Downpour, Batman: Arkham Origins, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Resident Evil 4, Bulletstorm, and Dying Light. Now I'm working on Bioshock 2. 

And a final bit of news, I recently updated my website: www.bunnypirates.com

Monday, March 02, 2015

Sky and Space

First up, I wanted to let you all know that the new episode of the Strong Lady D&D podcast is now available for download and I narrate it! Every monday night I gather (over the magical internet) with a bunch of awesome people to play D&D and our DM has turned that game into a podcast. We didn't start recording our gaming sessions right away, so the first handful of episodes are narrated summaries of our adventures. You can also follow our adventures on twitter. Check it out!

Ok - now for some art. I have two new pieces to share with you, both of which are now available to purchase online. "We Are Made of Star Stuff" is part of Hero Complex Gallery's QUOTES, LINES, & LYRICS show and is inspired by the quote by Carl Sagan. "Sky Cake" is part of Gallery1988's IS THIS THING ON 4 show which celebrates funny people and comedy. My piece features Patton Oswalt and references one of my favorite bits of his standup. 

"We Are Made of Star Stuff"

"Sky Cake"

Other random life stuff: 

- Started on my 17th book this year, so I'm definitely on track for a 50-book goal.
- Finished Far Cry 4 and liked it so much I went and got Far Cry 3.
- I have a big 2-person show coming up in May at Gallery in in Lincoln, so follow me on tumblr/instagram/facebook for lots up work-in-progress shots over the next two months.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Small Worlds

I will have two new little pieces in the SMALL WORLDS show at Gallery 9 this month. I will also have a couple of old pieces in their month-long silent auction. I was on a bit of an unintended art break in January (sometimes motivation and creativity are hard to find) but I'm back to work now. 

"Lizzie" (4"x4")

"Truce" (4"x4")

Other random stuff: 

- Go see SONG OF THE SEA if you can. It's really wonderful and the art is stunning. Definitely put me in the mood to do some more Scotland inspired art.

- Thanks to some recent snow days, I've read 9 books/graphic novels so far this year. Well on track for my 2015 reading goals. I'm really loving the SAGA series at the moment.

- When I'm not reading SAGA, I'm totally hooked on Far Cry 4. It's one of those games where "just one more mission" turns into "how is it 3am already?!"