Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots and Lots of New Work.

I've been doing a lot of commission work this month, as you'll see below. I'm also including some sketches of collages and ornaments that I am working on. I thought that it might be a fun way to show my art process - to see how messy everything starts. :)

Some of the sketches are for pieces that will *hopefully* be done in time to be in the the December show at Gallery 9. Please stop by on First Friday - I'll have new stuff and there will be a lot of great art by the other Gallery 9 artists that would make for great holiday gifts.

I'd also like to mention that I'll be taking collage and ornament commissions through December 5. Anything commissioned between now and then will get done in time for Christmas. I also have greeting cards, prints, ornaments, and calendars available to purchase as well (more cards and prints will be going up tonight). Check my website for more information.

O is for Ornithologist 2008 (commission)

H is for Heart 2008 (commission)

I Am Made of Fire & I Am Made of Stars (2 commissions)

Sea Queen 2008 (commission)

Snowman Ornament (sketch) & Holiday Ornament (sketch)
*The multicolored ornament will also come in blue and white

Aristobot 5000 (sketch) & The Queen of Hearts (sketch)
*Aristobot 5000 should be in the December show.
*The Queen of Hearts will most likely be a painting or ink drawing.

Snowgirl (sketch) & Pandora (sketch)
*Snowgirl should be in the December show, and also on greeting cards.
*Pandora will be a painting or ink drawing.

Big Daddy Ornament (sketch) & Dia de los Muertos Ornament (sketch)
*Both of these ornaments will have 3D elements attached to them.

Lady. Bug. (sketch) & Bandit Queen (sketch)
*Lady. Bug. will be a painting.
*The Bandit Queen should be in the December show.

I Want to be a Real Girl (sketch)
*This sketch is for a collage that will be for the February show at Gallery 9, which focuses on photography. I'm going to combine photographic elements (the girl) with paper collage elements (the robot) - hopefully the vision I have in my head will make it onto paper.

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