Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Ready For The Show (Post 6)

Collages Completed: 16

Collages Near Completion: 10
Collages Ready to Start: 7
Movies Watched So Far During Studio Time:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Spirited Away
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Bridget Jones' Diary
King Kong
Superman Returns
The Dark Knight
Land of the Dead
Pride & Prejudice mini-series
Princess Mononoke
The Punisher
Venture Bros. Season 3
House Season 1
Lord of the Rings (all three extended editions + Appendices)
The Bourne Identity
Pride & Prejudice
Gross Pointe Blank
Howl's Moving Castle

Boy that movie list has gotten long. ....
Still working - it's going to be a long 3-day weekend. I have to take about 24 hours of no-art next week when I drive to Kansas City to see the Decemberists. I'm starting to look forward to doing some major slacking in June. :)

More photos of work in progress:

My studio looks much cleaner when only lit by twinkle lights...
(you can see my Hello Kitty Easter/Halloween basket collection hanging above the window)

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