Friday, June 10, 2011

Wet Hot American Summer / Gallery 1988

I'm pretty darn excited. Tonight is the opening of the Wet Hot American Summer tribute show at Gallery 1988 in Santa Monica, CA and is the first time I will have art at a gallery outside of Nebraska. Since it's already been featured here I figure it's OK to show you all my piece.

I also got a really nice write-up this week at EPBOT, which is a great geeky blog.

I'm planning on working on a bunch of new art this weekend. I will be working on new pieces which will be up at Gallery 9 and Gallery 1988 in July, and a new Nerd Love. I think I've finally gotten some of my art inspiration back, which has been a little lacking as of late. My sister loaned me season 3 of True Blood to watch this weekend while I am working - good times.

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jAsian said...

loved this piece! this was my first gallery show :) so it's to be on walls with great artists like yourself. congrats on selling it!!!!