Monday, January 09, 2012

Still Alive

Thanks to Skyrim and its epic epicness, my art vacation has lasted a little longer than expected. Now that I'm done with it (100 hours later), there should be a new Nerd Love coming soon. Plus, I'm starting work on a number of other fun projects for 2012.

In the mean time, here are a couple pieces I did as Christmas presents and commissions.


Ryan said...

One hundred hours?!
Plus: That's a lot of game for your money these days.

Minus: It takes me at least half a year to finish a thirty hour game...

Meghan Stratman said...

I still have a lot I could do if I wanted to - there really isn't an end. After you beat the final boss, it just goes back like you had finished any other quest, but I decided that was the end for me. This could easily be a 150-200 hour game.

If you're not interested in achievements like I was (I was stalling so I could get to level 50), you could finish it in less time. You might like it - it's very D&D-ish.

Ryan said...

I have yet to actually finish an Elder Scrolls game. I used to play Daggerfall with a friend back in high school, but I never finished it because I never had my own copy. I never finished Morrowind because I got lost and sort of forgot what I was supposed to do. I never finished Oblivion because I lost interest after Patrick Stewart's character died. (I was totally psyched to do fetch quests for Patrick Stewart) Maybe Skyrim will be The One.

...right after I finish Dragon Age.