Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm going to be eaten by that plant...

It's been pretty quiet around here recently as I have been enjoying some much needed down time (my creative art-brain-parts were fried). All that lovely relaxation will culminate in a trip to Canada next week which I am very much looking forward to. And it's good that I am getting a vacation in now, since the rest of the year is going to get rather art-crazy.

Here are some things that are coming up:


Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 Cult is traveling to NYC this year and I will have a new piece in the show. I'm really happy with this one - it's a little different from my usual style.

The Devil You Do(n't)
Apollon Omaha - August 24-Sept 2

This is a neat collaborative show featuring artists and writers working together. The art will be displayed as part of a theatrical performance of original work on the theme of the Devil as a sympathetic character. I will have three new pieces for this show. Here's all I can show you right now, as everything is in pieces on my desk.

TBA Group show at Gallery 1988 
September 2012
I'll have more info on this one as it gets closer. 

September 22 and 23

I'm excited to have a booth again at the Lincoln Arts Festival, and this year I have vowed to come prepared with some serious tent weights so we don't have the exciting "holding the tent down so it doesn't blow away" part of the weekend. As always I will have new art along with prints and cards. This year I'm trying some new things with jewelry which I think will be really cool.

Further down the line:

Reality is Broken - Apollon Omaha - October 2012
TBA Group Show - Spoke Art, San Francisco - November 2012
Craftacular 2012 - Lincoln - November 2012
Winter Show - Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln - November/December 2012
TBA Group Show - Gallery 1988 - December 2012

And if  I am currently working on a commission for you I will be working on/finshing those up next month. After that I won't be able to take on commissions for a while as my schedule is just too hectic and it's taking me way too long to get them completed.

So yeah, better enjoy my vacation because there's a lot to do when I get back.

Unrelated to art, I recently got a little Venus Fly Trap to add to the odd plant collection in my studio. Turns out I don't have nearly enough insects around the apartment to keep it fed (I was hoping it would help out with a fruit fly problem but alas, not so), but instead of dying the plant just lost all it's chompy-bits and sprouted a bizarre long tendrilly flower. I've got a bad feeling about this...

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geeky Heather said...

If the plant starts saying, "Feed me, Seymour!"...tell it your name's not Seymour and run. On second thought, just run.