Friday, August 24, 2012

The Devil You Do(n't)

Opening tonight in Lincoln: Apollon Omaha's The Devil You Do(n't) - a theatre/art/writing/food collaborative shindig that I will have new art in. Here's how it works: A theme is selected and four writers write very short theatrical pieces/monologues on that theme. The writers are then paired up with artists who make art based on the script based on the theme. During the run of the show these scripts are performed (around the art) while you enjoy a themed dinner. Cool, huh? The show runs Aug 24-26 & Aug 31-Sept 2 at the Lux Center for the Arts in Lincoln, NE. The theme for this production is the possibility of viewing the Devil as a sympathetic character; the writer I worked with retold the story of Eve and the apple. Here are my three pieces:

"Fear Will Find You"

"The First Lady"

"Up Jumped The Devil"


Here is a little sneak preview of a piece that will be in Gallery1988's September Show.
More info soon!

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