Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Extra Life + Lincoln Arts Festival Wrap-Up

After a number of years watching Evan take part in this event, I have decided to try it myself. What is Extra Life, you may ask? Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon, taking place on October 20, which raises money for The Children's Miracle Network. One of the cool things about the CMN is that I can specify which hospital I am raising money for, so this year the funds I raise will go to Penn State Hershey's Children's Hospital where my cousin Nick is getting treatment for Leukemia. So, if you want to donate to a good cause (it's tax deductible) and support me and Evan's crazy attempt to play games for 24-hours, please donate here:

It worked for me to do Extra Life this year thanks to all the co-op enabled games that are coming out in the next month. It's hard for two people to do a gaming marathon when all the systems are connected to one TV. So we'll be playing Borderlands or Resident Evil 6 and probably doing a live-stream of it (i'll post a link when we get that set up, in case you get a hankering to watch two people slowly descend into sleep-deprived craziness).

The Lincoln Arts Festival went great this weekend - thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and said "hello." I loved meeting all of you guys. I won an "Award of Excellence" this year, which was really nice.  One of the new things I put together this year was a display board for all my resin and glass charms. Despite the fact that I started putting it together at 2am on Friday night and it involved thin, easily punctured fabric, wood, and a staple gun, it turned out quite nicely. Generally projects that I come up with at that time of night don't turn out so well.

I will have these charms for sale at Craftacular on November 28 as well as the Gallery 9 Holiday Show in December. They will also be for sale in my shop soon. 

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