Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am finally getting around to going through all my photos from this year's PAX. I love PAX, and Evan and I have been to so many now that we have mastered our PAXPOX avoidance techniques (so much hand sanitizer you guys). After the year I most likely got swine flu, I got mad-serious about avoiding PAX germs, which allowed me to get right back to work on a bunch of art projects as soon as I got home. More on that soon. Firstly - PAX pics!

On Thursday night, before PAX even started, we went to Kris and Scott's Scott and Kris Show LIVE, which was wonderful. Our friends Matt and Nicole managed to get awesome seats right up front. I'm a really big fan of Scott Kurtz, and my hands-down favorite part of this PAX was his one-man panel/story-telling hour on Saturday night. I always want to go home and make art after listening to Scott Kurtz talk. 

Scott Campbell designed the image for their show and the shirts. Woo!

Some of the goodies I got on Day 1. Have you heard of Octodad
You're a "secret octopus." SECRET OCTOPUS!

The line for "The Last of Us" was bananas - that right there a 2-3 hour wait. 

Another bananas line, this one for the live D&D game played by Scott Kurtz, Mike and Jerry from Penny Arcade, and Wil Wheaton. My pictures were crummy, but if you want to see some good photos of the game and the awesome props they had, go here. One of the friends I sat with brought a real camera. 

Dancing zombies. 

Goodies from Day 2. Claptrap AND an awesome monster buddy.

A fan gave that hand made Raz doll (from Psychonauts) to Tim Schaffer. I happened to be there right when he opened it. It was way cool.

Best goody day of them all - Day 3. Scott Kurtz signed the book and my pass, and Tim Schaffer signed that poster and my pass. Plus, awesome shirts. 


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