Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm in the beginning stages of a bunch of different projects right now, but nothing is far enough along to post pictures, so I thought I would do something different and show you where the collages start. I was recently asked on Facebook what my sketches look like before they end up as final collages so I thought I would post a few. 

I use my final sketches as the pattern for the collage, so I start with sketches from my notebook and then polish them up in Photoshop. This means that things don't usually change a whole lot from sketch to collage.

This Moulin Rouge collage, for example, ended up almost exactly like the sketch. 

Other times though, once I start cutting things out and getting far enough along that I can lay pieces out and see them all together, I realize that I need to make changes. This bear, for example, originally had Snow White and Rose Red to keep him company.

And Eddie Izzard had a squirrel with a lot of make-up. 

In addition to some work for a couple upcoming group shows, I'm also working on a number of small pop-culture collages  (Star Trek, Borderlands, Adventure Time, Bioshock, Grumpy Cat, to name a few) that I will be selling in my online shop later this summer. I'll pick one to photograph from beginning to end to you can see the whole process.

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Karen said...

i love seeing your process, and i'm super excited about the upcoming pieces you listed!!