Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2013: The Recappening

I'm currently hard at work on a project that I can't tell you about until this weekend (check back on Saturday for big news!), and the blog needed an update, so here is a little 2013 year-end re-cap. It was a rough year for some personal reasons, but there were a lot of good things too: throughout 2013 I completed a total of 61 new collages (9 more than last year), adopted a dog, and did some traveling. 


In March of 2013 I had my third solo show at Gallery 9 - "A Place Both Wonderful And Strange" - which featured 22 new pieces. 


We have a very wonderful family friend who lives in Canada and lets us come and stay with her every year at her family's cabin in Ontario. It is always my favorite week of the year, full of relaxation, good company, good food, and lots of card games, and I was so happy to get to go again in 2013. The top photo is from a day trip we too to Algonquin park and the bottom photo is the view from the cabin. 


I've been to a bunch of PAXs now and it has sort of become old hat - I no longer feel the need to get up early to get in line for anything and apparently I didn't feel the need to take photos (I took maybe 30 total, and most were of this ferris wheel). But as usual it was lots of fun. This year I decided to make some fan art to give as a gift to two of my favorite artists/cartoonists - Kris Straub (Broodhollow, Starslip, Chainsawsuit) and Scott Kurtz (PvP, Table Titans). They were both incredibly nice and meeting them was definitely the highlight of the weekend. 

Kris Straub with the Broodhollow piece I made.

Scott Kurtz's hand with the Table Titans/PvP piece I made. 


I once again had a booth at the Lincoln Arts Festival, which got off to a rough start - my tent blew over, collapsed on itself, and broke beyond repair - but my mom saved the day with a new tent and the rest of the weekend went well. 


My mom, my sister, and I went to Las Vegas for a weekend in November. Neither my sister or I had ever been there and it was quite a bit of fun (although I don't think I ever want to go back). We're not gamblers (well OK, my mom loves the slot machines) so we spent our time going to see shows (KA, which was incredible) and checking out various attractions. Every evening we made time to watch a couple of the fountain shows at the Bellagio, which was definitely my favorite part. 


Probably the best thing that happened in 2013 was the adoption of my pup-panion Sullivan. Look how different he looks from the day I got him - the first picture shows how he looked in March and the next is what he looks like now. His coloring seems to change in relation to the season - don't know if that's a real thing but it sure seems like it. He has some little-dog issues that we are working on (major stranger-agression and a desire to bark and nip at random people) but he has definitely attached himself to me and I'm so happy to have him.




During my morning walks with Sullivan this spring, I noticed a family of barn swallows nesting on a porch light in our apartment complex. The people in the apartment let the birds/nest stay so every morning for probably a month, I got to see these little guys chirping and being fed by their bird-parents. It was kind of sad seeing them go - the photo on the left shows them on the day they all left the nest for good.  

I was also lucky enough to be asked to join a weekly D&D game this year and it has been so much fun. My co-adventurers are all awesome ladies and our DM, while not a lady, is also awesome. All four members of our party are artists - so the game doodles and game-related art is particularly impressive. I always look forward to Monday nights to see what hijinks our gang will get up to (we spent a month exploring a single dungeon/labyrinth because we are completionists and had to know what was in every corner - it was usually something bad or dangerous, but that didn't dampen our curiosity). Our DM even set up a website for our game which features our story so far and will eventually include podcasts/recordings of our sessions. I love being a nerd and having such great nerd friends.


This is going to be a busy, busy year. 

In addition to the exciting-thing-which-shall-not-be-named-yet, I have a two-person show with Vonni Sparks (one of my absolute favorite artists) at Gallery 9 in May, a solo show at the Fuse art space (also in Lincoln) late in the year, and I am participating in a number of great pop-culture group shows. Here's hoping 2014 goes smoothly for me and for you too!

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