Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Small Worlds

I will have two new little pieces in the SMALL WORLDS show at Gallery 9 this month. I will also have a couple of old pieces in their month-long silent auction. I was on a bit of an unintended art break in January (sometimes motivation and creativity are hard to find) but I'm back to work now. 

"Lizzie" (4"x4")

"Truce" (4"x4")

Other random stuff: 

- Go see SONG OF THE SEA if you can. It's really wonderful and the art is stunning. Definitely put me in the mood to do some more Scotland inspired art.

- Thanks to some recent snow days, I've read 9 books/graphic novels so far this year. Well on track for my 2015 reading goals. I'm really loving the SAGA series at the moment.

- When I'm not reading SAGA, I'm totally hooked on Far Cry 4. It's one of those games where "just one more mission" turns into "how is it 3am already?!"

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