Monday, September 13, 2010

Picture Post: PAX and works in progress

Back from PAX and hard at work getting ready for all these shows. I took the day off work on Friday and had three productive 15 hour art days (with a few breaks for food and brief video game breaks for sanity). For the first time I tried listening to an audio-book while working, which ended up being a good idea. I just finished The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest and now I need to figure out what to listen to next.

We got a pretty spectacular view from the plane on the way into Seattle.

Jonathan Coulton

Some awesome Venture Brothers cosplay.

The Portal 2 and Fall Out: New Vegas booths.

You get a lot of free swag at PAX - Only a few of these things were purchased. Most were booth goodies.

And here is what is going on in my studio:

You can now get Netflix instant streaming on iPods, so I had this jurry-rigged set up with my iPod hooked up to some old computer speakers so I could watch Top Gear while working.

Since I am working on about 30 collages simultaneously, I have it set up so all the pieces for each collage are stored in page protectors in a big binder. It's actually worked pretty well so far. Here's one from the Alphabet series.

And here is a work in progress for the Screen Ink show.

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