Monday, April 18, 2011

By Land, By Sea, By Dirigible

I attended my fourth Decemberists concert last night and had an awesome time. Apparently I see them every two years (Omaha 2005 & 2011, Kansas City 2007 & 2009). I can even remember exactly where i was the first time I heard a Decemberists song, which is strange but amusing.

After the concert, I thought it might be fun to look back and see just how many pieces of art I have done that had something to do with Decemberists music. Their music has inspired these specific pieces but also a lot of my art in general.

First off, here is one of the last pieces from my March solo show. It's big (18x24) and it took a while to get scanned. But it just happens to be another Decemberists inspired piece. Although the title comes from a Pulp song ("We'll Never Live Like Common People"), it started as a piece based on a combination of "The Infanta" and the line "by land, by sea, by dirigible" from "Sons and Daughters".

water Trillium Legionairre rake lost
forest wanting bonny crane together

*Unrelated to the Decemberists, I finally did ACTUALLY start a new Nerd Love for this week. I have sort of been on a video game binge the last month since I hadn't played anything in a while, so it was hard to get myself back into my studio. But I did and you will see something new this week.

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