Monday, March 26, 2012

This Podcast Contains Spoilers

This weekend I was a guest on Evan Killham's This Podcast Contains Spoilers, in which we talked about thatgamecompany's new Playstation Network release JOURNEY. I've never been on a podcast before and it was a lot of fun - my voice didn't sound nearly as weird as I thought it would. If you are a gamer with a PS3, you should definitely check out the game - if you already have or if you are interested in hearing more about it (with some spoilers) you should check out the podcast.

On the art front, I am currently getting ready for a small solo show in May at The Tugboat Gallery here in Lincoln. It will be called "Ghost Stories" and (surprise!) is built around a theme of ghosts and haunted places. I expect to start posting some work in progress photos this week, so keep an eye out. It's been a lot of fun coming up with these new pieces, and I'm trying some new things including adding more depth to the pieces and more detailed environments and backgrounds. I'm excited.

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