Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This and that (and 16 links)

I have so many things going on right now, and nothing to show for it. So in the mean time, here's an assortment of little things that I have been up to:

I just got back from another awesome PAX. This year I made a little Bioshock hair fascinator to wear around (since I'm too chicken to actually cosplay) and I really like how it turned out:

He's made out of Super Sculpey and wire and attached to a fabric base that my mom helped a lot with (i'm not the best seamstress). The character is based on a doll that appeared in trailers for Bioshock 2 (photo reference) - that's multiple levels of nerd (like an onion, or an ogre).  He got a little heavy, so I rigged a nice bobby-pin/comb system underneath to keep him from wiggling. Can't wait for the next PAX - maybe I'll build up the nerve to cosplay for real (maybe Adventure Time's Fionna?).

During the aforementioned PAX, I was a guest on another episode of Evan Killham's This Podcast Contains Spoilers, this time with additional guests Aaron Rivers and Harold Burnett (from Sophist Radio). We sat down and played a game of Betrayal at the House on the Hill (one of my favorites) and recorded the ensuing shenanigans. I recommend listening to it.

I recently bought an awesome sketch from artist Liza Corbett that I thought I would share. I'm super excited to put this up on my wall - I've been a fan of her work for quite a while.

May will be slightly nutzo - I have a bunch of shows coming up.

First off, I will be pairing up with wood artist Maria Hanson for a two person show at the Tugboat Gallery here in Lincoln which runs May 4-27. The opening reception will be the evening of Friday, May 4. All of the pieces I've been working on are based around the theme of ghosts or haunted/spooky places. I'll have a proper image next week, I promise.

Also opening Friday, May 4: FREESTYLE 50 at Screen Ink (also in Lincoln). The show benefits Skate for Change and features 50 artists painting/arting-up blank skate-board decks. I will have a board on display along with a bunch of super artists - you should definitely check it out. Here's some video and photos of the previous Freestyle 50 event.

And for yet ANOTHER May show in Lincoln, the awesome Porridge Papers is starting to show art in their shop/paper mill/printing press space, and for their first gallery show they will feature a number of local artists making art on or out of the paper they make right there in the shop. I stopped by last week and picked up some wonderful thick handmade paper that I will make into two new pieces (I also played with an awesome cat while I was there, but that's not really relevant).

And finally, I will have a new piece in the MEMES themed group at Gallery 1988 Melrose (Los Angeles, CA). That show opens on, you guessed it, May 4th. Good grief.

Ok, so I should probably go get some work done... this means that I will finally have time to get caught up on all the audio books I have sitting around collecting digital dust (pixels?). That's the downside of going to PAX right before a ton of shows - I get home and want to play video games at a time where I absolutely cannot play video games. *tiny violin*

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