Thursday, February 13, 2014

A weekend in Los Angeles!

My last blog post focused on the art from THE ADVENTURE SHOW, so this one is going to focus on all the other fun stuff my family and I did while we were in Los Angeles. First up, the opening reception!

Me and Nicole Gustafsson


You guys, I took so many photos if lizards during this trip. The little guys are everywhere!


I'm so happy we got to stop at El Matador, which has become my favorite California beach (not that I have an extensive knowledge of California beaches...). I love this place - all the rocks are covered in sea and plant life (mussles, anemone, star fish) and the rocks and cliffs are craggy and gorgeous. Plus, we saw dolphins!

One of these rocks is not like the others...


Since is is the middle of February and it is cold and snowy in Nebraska, we wanted to take full advantage of being in California by spending as much time outside as possible. So on Saturday, we decided to check out the Huntington Gardens. This was a good idea. I love botannical gardens and even though not everything was in bloom yet, there was plenty to see and explore. Plus, they had an incredible bonsai display which I quickly became obsessed with. I imagine there are going to be lots of bonsai trees in my art this year. 

This looks like a Disney  attraction. 


Now that I've photographed lizards and gazed briefly at the ocean, it's time to get started on some new pieces for some upcoming March group shows. Previews and more info coming soon!

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