Friday, November 13, 2009

Done with Craftacular

Craftacular 2009 was great - lots of nice people, awesome artists, and great music (seriously, who ever picked the playlist for the background music did a great job - The Faint, Journey, Blue Foundation, Kansas, and they even played "I Want To Hold Your Hand" from the Across the Universe soundtrack...) The ornaments, gift tags, and bookmarks that I didn't sell at the event will be going up on my etsy site tonight. I was planning on putting them up this afternoon, but the photos I took of everything last night really didn't turn out well - lets chalk that up to being sleepy and having a migraine.

One exciting thing about Craftacular was that I finally got a chance to buy a piece of Nolan Tredway's art - he's one of my favorite Lincoln artists and I just kept missing his shows. I included a photo below, though it hardly does it justice (remember, sleepy and migraine). You can see more of his stuff here.

Taking a mostly non-art night tonight (i'll be doing sketches for the calendar while catching up on Tivo - we have 2 seasons of Burn Notice piled up that really needs to get watched) and then back to work this weekend getting more new stuff together for the December Gallery 9 show and working on a number of commissions that can now have my full attention.

Nolan Tredway's cigar box animals. So cool.

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