Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tedious Cutting

Working on a lot of collages at the moment, with a lot more that I need to start on. Currently on my desk are some ghosts, a kingfisher, and a llama. Here are some photos:

Cut out the outline for this forlorn ghost. It took some patience, but I think it turned out nicely.

There are three ghosts in the piece, and they will all need to be outlined.

Getting the tracing paper and rubber cement off of the back of paper that thin and breakable is a little nerve-wracking.

Oh, and also there's this bird. He's not involved with the ghosts.

1 comment:

TwoEyedCyclops said...

Oh.. my brain thought the outline of the ghost was a king for a minute. The neckruffles were a mustache, the face and bangs were a crown, and the hair was like.. an oval background.

Um. I think I like what you made better than my brainking. Excellent work!