Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Dead Cat and a Much Needed Break

"Dead Cat"

This poor little guy is my finished piece for Hero Complex Gallery's KINGS OF CULT show, which opened this weekend. The original is still available HERE.

I have spent most of May out of my studio, trying to recharge after two big shows and lots of projects which kept me busy since January and pretty much drained all art motivation and ideas. I played video games, read books, and spent time with my dog and now I'm finally feeling like I can make art again. Yay! Here are a few of my favorite things from May:

I had been wanting to play this for some time and I loved it. It's a super fun celebration of crazy 1980s action movies, starring Michael Biehn as the voice of cyber-soldier Rex Power Colt. They got everything right and the final level is magnificent (lets just say "battle dragon" and "lasers"). Seriously, I couldn't stop grinning. I also played Infamous Second Son during my break, which was great too. No laser battle dragons, but still good.


I also made time to actually read some books, and one that really stood out for me was Cherie Priest's "Boneshaker". I really enjoyed the setting/world of this book, which takes place in an alternate-history 1880s Seattle after much of the city is destroyed by a mad-inventor's "Incredible Bone-Shaking Drill Engine" (did I mention it's steam punk too?). In the aftermath of the disaster, a gas starts starts to creep through the city which basically turns people into zombies. I've been really bored with zombies and zombie fandom recently, but I liked how the "rotters" worked into the story and it never got annoying. I was really in need of a good adventure story and this one was great.

In addition to starting work on some commission projects that have been collecting dust, I'm also going to be making some small pop-culture pieces (which will be available in my etsy shop) in order to pay for my upcoming trip to Seattle for PAX Prime.


DungeonMastahWieg said...

The missus read that book at some point in the rememberable past.

I haven't played that particular game, as my video game glands seem to have rotted away, but the music has been creeping into my Pandora playlist and my Youtube recommendations because of my love for Lazerhawk and Kavinsky.

Meghan Stratman said...

If your video game glands are ever restored, Blood Dragon is seriously up your ally. Watch the trailer.